Program management

End-to-end card programs

Program management is one of the core services of our company, characterised by cutting-edge technology and a strong focus on high-level security measures.

End-to-end card programs

We oversee the issuance, activation, customer support, security protocols, compliance, transaction processing, marketing strategies, financial operations, and advanced technological infrastructure to deliver a seamless and highly secure user experience for our customers.

Effective card program management is crucial for providing a secure and seamless experience to cardholders while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maximizing the program's potential.

Building blocks of PeakWallet

Program management involves overseeing and administering various aspects of a card program, ensuring its smooth operation, security, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Here are key components of program management:

Card Issuance




Program Marketing

Financial Management




Card Issuance and Activation

Managing the process of issuing debit cards to customers. Ensuring secure and accurate activation of cards. Handling customer inquiries and concerns related to debit cards. Providing support for lost, stolen, or compromised cards. Addressing transaction disputes and discrepancies.


Security and Fraud Prevention

Implementing security measures to protect cardholder data. Monitoring transactions for potential fraudulent activities. Collaborating with fraud detection services and implementing fraud prevention strategies.


Compliance and Regulations

Ensuring compliance with relevant financial regulations and industry standards. Staying up-to-date with changes in regulations affecting debit card operations. Implementing required security standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


Transaction Processing

Overseeing the processing of debit card transactions, including authorizations, settlements, and chargebacks. Coordinating with payment processors to ensure seamless transaction flow.


Card Program Marketing

Developing marketing strategies to promote debit card usage and features. Collaborating with marketing teams to create campaigns that incentivize card usage.


Financial Management

Monitoring and managing the financial aspects of the debit card program, including fees, charges, and revenue generation. Generating reports on card usage, transaction trends, and program performance. Analyzing data to identify opportunities for improvement and growth.


Technology and Infrastructure

Managing the underlying technology and infrastructure that supports card operations. Ensuring system reliability, scalability, and integration with other banking systems.


Program Enhancements and Innovation

Identifying opportunities for program enhancements, new features, or partnerships that add value to the card offering. Innovating to meet changing consumer expectations and emerging trends in payment technology. Analyzing financial data to optimize the program's performance.

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